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Bandits Capture Carlsbad Crown

Bandits Win USSSA Tournament in Carlsbad, New Mexico
Sunday February 25 “Championship Sunday”
The Bandits and the Carlsbad Cavemen were both 3-0 in tournament play entering the finals
3:30 PM, Game 4 – Championship Game
Bandits 14 – Carlsbad Cavemen 0
Winning Pitcher: Ruben Archuleta (Complete Game Shutout) 4 IP, 7 K, 0 BB, 2 H, 0 R
Offensive Leaders: Jonathan Martinez 1X1, R, SacB, RBI; Derek Ramos 1X1, 2 R, RBI, HBP; Ruben Rodriguez 1X1, SacB, 2 R, BB, 2 RBI; Noel Pinon 2X3, R, 2 RBI; Jacob Aguilar 2X3, 3B, R, 3 RBI, GWRBI; Danny Ramirez 2X3, 2 R, SB, RBI; Sergio Vargas 2X3, 3 R, 2 BB, 3 SB, 2 RBI; Ruben Archuleta 1X3; Oscar Gonzalez 2 BB, 2 R, SB; Christian Cabral BB, SB; Julian Saucedo BB and John Michael Mania Sac, RBI
“Taking A Dose”: Derek Ramos
Sacrifices: John Michael Mania Sacrifice w/RBI; Jonathan Martinez SacB w/RBI and Ruben Rodriguez SacB
Defensive Leaders: Ruben Archuleta 7 K, 0 BB, 2 H, 0 R; Jacob Aguilar 3 A; Noel Pinon A; Sergio Vargas A; Ruben Rodriguez A and Danny Ramirez A
“Web Gems”: Jacob Aguilar playing third base handled two hard hit ground balls and threw across the diamond showing good range
Danny Ramirez threw out the only runner who attempted to steal second base on him while playing catcher
Noel Pinon playing first base made a clean pick on a short hop throw to get the first out of the final inning

11:30 AM, Game 3 – Semi-Finals
Bandits 7 – Carlsbad Miners 0 (Forfeit, did not show up)

Saturday February 24
5:30 PM, Game 2: Bandits 9 – Carlsbad Slam Sox 1
Winning Pitcher: Danny Ramirez (Complete Game) 4 IP, 7 K, 2 BB, 2 H, R, ER
Leading Hitters: Jacob Aguilar 2X2, R, 3B, 3 RBI; Danny Ramirez 2X2, R, 3B, RBI; Derek Ramos 1X1, R, SB, BB; Oscar Gonzalez R, HBP, BB and John Michael Mania Sac, BB, 2 RBI, GWRBI
“Taking A Dose”: Oscar Gonzalez
Sacrifices: John Michael Mania Sac w/GWRBI and Ruben Rodriguez SacB
Defensive Leaders: Danny Ramirez 4 IP, 7 K, 2 H, ER, PO; Ruben Archuleta PO, A; Noel Pinon PO; Sergio Vargas PO and Ruben Rodriguez A

2 PM, Game 1:Bandits 21 – Carlsbad Miners 1
Winning Pitcher: Derek Ramos (Complete Game) 2 IP, 5 K, 0 BB, 2 H, R, 0 ER
Leading Hitters: Jacob Aguilar 2X2, 2 R, 4 RBI, GWRBI; Oscar Gonzalez 2X2, R, RBI; Noel Pinon 2X2, 3R, SB, BB, 2 RBI; Ruben Rodriguez 2X2, 3 R, SB, BB; Derek Ramos 2X2, 2 R, SB, BB, RBI; Ruben Archuleta 1X1, 3 R, SB, 2 BB, RBI; Danny Ramirez 1X1, R, 2 SB, 2 RBI; Sergio Vargas 1X2, 2 R, HBP; Christian Cabral 2 BB, 2 R; John Michael Mania 1X2, R, BB, 3 RBI and Jonathan Martinez 1X2, R, BB, 3 RBI
“Taking A Dose”: Sergio Vargas
Defensive Leaders: Derek Ramos 5 K, 0 BB, 0 ER and Jonathan Martinez PO